Construction Days


Welcome to Pfc Consulting

Pfc Consulting was established in the Mid-90’s with the focus on, pre-construction document  review, permit expediting, scope of work identification and preparation for bidding, critical path scheduling, cash flow analysis, logistic planning and support, preparation of operations and maintenance manuals, claims consulting, and project closeouts.

Our mission statement is that Construction can be made simple with the right tools and understanding in place. Our expertise lies in the fact that sequence of operations is everything; if there is a concern it warrants a fresh set of eyes and a fresh approach to identifying solutions.

At Pfc Consulting we also specialize in Mortgage Monitoring and monthly reporting on progress during Design Coordination, Pre-Construction Planning and Logistics, Contract Award, Mobilization, Construction Operations, Inspections/Occupancy Approvals and Project Closeout

Allow us to help you sleep better at night.